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At the Pathway Academy we work with HR directors, CEOs, and leadership teams to implement a new way of managing people and performance. Many organisations have changed how they manage performance over the last decade, moving to more bite-sized reviews and easier to use systems – yet for many, while these new approaches certainly seem easier, there remain questions over how effective they are, how much value they really bring and whether anyone is truly any more accountable.
Pathway is a new approach to managing people that addresses all the key major issues with traditional performance management (with or without bite-size reviews) using principles of emotional wellbeing.

Creating healthy, high performing and accountable teams.

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What is the Pathway Academy?
The Pathway Academy is the place where managers and leaders can learn and be coached in a new way to manage people and hold them accountable. Teaching and guiding them through the Pathway Framework step by step as they progress through the core material and then start to apply what they have learnt. The Pathway Academy houses a core 9 month programme that encompasses a minimum of over 65 hours of learning, coaching, reflection, and assignment work – it is purposefully designed to help participants digest, process, and then practice the core teachings of the Pathway Framework. The Academy also houses a 24 month train the trainer programme, helping the organisation to build in-house coaching capability into the future.
Creating a psychologically safe, accountable, learning environment.

How we deliver the transformation


Change your performance management process so that it drives the right behaviours, creates the right relationships, enables high levels of accountability and even can link performance and pay in a healthy way.


As participants learn about these new ways of working and new ways to see themselves and others they will have questions and need support as they apply this learning.


Training people so they can gain a greater level of emotional awareness, can learn how to consistently hold people accountable in a healthy way, and understand what it looks like to build a healthy, psychologically safe team.

The Pathway

Tom developed a framework called Pathway for managing and developing people
it is specifically designed to create healthy, high performing, accountable teams and is based on Tom’s core principles of

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Being Aware

Developing emotional awareness.

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Being Clear

Being clear about what is expected and what good looks like and making clear requests of each other

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Being Accountable

How to consistently hold people accountable, without anger or irritation.

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Being Active

Being active in the development of our people - developing human character as well as competence.

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Being Human

Giving people the space to make necessary mistakes while they learn.

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Being Together

How to develop healthy relationships and a united team.

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Being in the right place

Helping people to live their own purpose.

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Being at our best

Setting, maintaining, and providing the right support for high standards.


Callum Kearns

Operations Director

By using and implementing the strategies that Tom provided, we are now able to manage relationships of staff and levels of expectation better, which has improved behaviours, and enabled staff to open up about mistakes they have made in order to evaluate performance and improve. We have been able to quickly develop a healthy culture within the business where staff are able to deal better with mistakes and feedback, and discuss and action steps to rectify situations. Tom's training has been invaluable to us, and as a direct result our communication flow has become far more fluent and better across the business due to methods that have been put in place.

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Liam Walshe


Pathway completely changed how we manage people and hold them accountable, looking back it's fair to say we really didn't have a performance culture in place but Pathway gave us all a way to develop people and hold them accountable to high standards in a very transparent, human way. We actually saw performance increase while also seeing a significant reduction in staff turnover. Huge return on investment. Can’t recommend Pathway enough, it’s a no brainer.


Jonathan Mills

Managing Director

I worked with Tom over a period of a number of years and when we introduced Pathway to the business - it not only gave us and the staff a very clear structure for managing performance it also gave us and the management team a way to evaluate and develop people that enabled us to develop talent much faster than we had been doing before - this was essential for our particular business - as you can imagine, the staff loved it as much as we did - it was a real win-win.

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