The Pathway Academy

Integrated Wellbeing

I say “Wellbeing” – I mean the emotional and mental state of a human being.

Our emotional and mental state have a profound effect on our ability to navigate life in a productive and healthy way.

The biggest driver of our emotional and mental condition is naturally driven by the relationship we have with ourselves, which is, naturally, the most important relationship we have.

It also impacts every single human being that has or ever will experience life.

The second two biggest factors are our relationships with others and our behaviours – and our behaviours are largely driven from the first two as well as our conditioning.

How do we identify what is “healthy” and what is “unhealthy”? – well – the symptoms are fairly common – and here is a selection of what unhealthy can look like:

Overthinking, feeling small or inadequate, needing to be right, needing to impress, need for approval and validation, need to be above or better than others, need to make others feel inferior, feeling inferior, laziness, blaming others for how we feel or generally being irresponsible, being manipulative, or controlling, withdrawing, feeling alone or isolated, need to be perfect, judgemental, moralistic, need to rescue others, lies, hides, defends and more.

I think you will agree that most of us can identify with at least some of these in that list – and many people will identify with many – and that’s ok – it’s important to know what you are dealing with.